5 Common Tips to Remember when Solving a Mystery Room

5 Common Tips to Remember when Solving a Mystery Room

Booking a mystery room is like signing up to be stressed to the max, all while having a real blast. You have a chance to work in groups or teams to conquer challenges, solve puzzles, and reveal clues that will (If you’ve put them together correctly) hopefully lead you to the sweet victory of mastering a mystery room in Toronto.

The great thing about these escape rooms and other escape games is there ability to invoke a pattern of thought that we would otherwise not normally use in our day-to-day lives. Along with the many team-building skills mystery rooms have, they also offer other benefits like increased analytical and attention to detail skills can be developed. With the many benefits that come along with participating in a mystery room in Thornhill, it is still not as easy as one would assume.

Naturally, groups and teams enter these escape games all too cocky, only to be met with defeat. Sure, you have extra brains to help solve puzzles, but that does not mean together you can solve the escape room. We are sharing 5 common tips to remember when solving a mystery room.

Tip 1- Remember to Double Check

Depending on the venue, theme, and group size the actual level of difficulty can also differentiate, meaning different tactics must be deployed to conquer certain obstacles. When you hit a wall, be sure to rescan the room and look back over areas you’ve already checked. Sometimes other clues and hints can be in the vicinity of already discovered clues. Play it safe and retrace your steps to be sure you are not missing anything.

Tip 2- Take in the Entire Room

Once you have started the mystery room, allow yourself a moment to just take a deep breath, scanning over the entire room. On the surface, this may seem very unhelpful, but in reality, it helps your mind with memory recall. Being able to hear/read a clue and think of an area in the room that most resembles an answer to the clue. Yes, you will be looking around the room while you are solving puzzles, but before the pressure starts, it is always best practice to calmly assess and imprint the escape room.

Tip 3- Try to Filter Unnecessary Trickery

This is one of those obvious tips that everyone already understands. However, when you are caught up in solving puzzles, it can easily slip your mind, and you will be falling victim to chasing cold leads. Remember to check for patterns and look in uncommon areas to avoid some trickery and progress through the mystery room.

Tip 4- Remember KISS—Not the Band

Often times it is the most simplest answers that provide the winning breakthrough to get you and your team out of a mystery room. Other times it can be complex, but in most cases, it is the simple solutions that give way to the most progression. Try not to cloud your judgment by over-complicating puzzles and take a moment to break the puzzle down into its basic components.

Tip 5- Mapping Future Answers By Acknowledging History’s Feats

You’ve made it halfway through your 60 minutes, and the clues are starting to come with a lot more time in between. This gets scary because time is literally ticking down and it’s not on your side. Find a neutral place in the mystery room and lay your solved puzzles out. Often times there are hidden answers contained within puzzles that have already been solved. Stay sharp and beat the clock.

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