Expanding Your Mind to Solve the Puzzle of a Mystery Room

Expanding Your Mind to Solve the Puzzle of a Mystery Room

Although the concept of escape games and the mystery room is still in its infancy, lots of benefits and satisfying rewards come along with playing in a mystery room or other escape games in Toronto, that exist outside of team-building skills. Whether your company has purchased an escape room group package to increase your work efficiency with others or whatever the reason may be for you walking through the door of that mystery room, there are things you can learn that will open your mind up and help not only with solving the puzzle at hand but also with other real-life scenarios where critical thinking and logic are essential.

Heightened Awareness of Minor Details

It is not a secret that there are a number of mystery room games that are just downright hard to solve. In some instances, it takes you stepping outside yourself to search in ways you normally would not search. To do this, we take time to scan the room, look at what are we studying, and how is our brain stores this information. Within the first ten minutes of playing a mystery room, your senses heighten, and your learning curve kicks in as you begin to think about how the mystery room works and the puzzle it presents.

Do You Remember That Thing About That Thing?

Participating in mystery room games is more rewarding than the satisfaction of complete or solving the puzzle within the given time limit. Puzzles and other difficult stimulating activities build vital recall synapses and help to extend the retention rate. Your memory isn’t a bad thing to keep sharp. Escape rooms are a great way to help boost the efficiency of your memory by challenging your mind. Stay on your toes by playing mystery room games to build memory capacity and strengthens your recall abilities. Not bad, huh?

You Know What You Know: Fine Tune Cognition Skills

The cognitive process is just a more complexed label that is basically a term for obtaining new information/data/knowledge. When placed in unknown situations with unfamiliar puzzles, the mind welcomes any new knowledge it can acquire and works with that information to put it to practical use within the real world. This mind-expanding skill aids with the absorption and application of new information and knowledge. Process and react quickly by honing your cognitive skills through mystery room games.

Learn to View Others Differently: They Know Stuff Too!

A Mystery Room can actually shed some light on the real self of a person and provides a platform for social communication and connectivity. Every person you will ever meet or already have met, know something you don’t. Encourage cooperation, communication, and teamwork when everyone is taking the time to learn, grow and reach higher than before by talking and working together. Listen to each other; someone may have spotted something you did not.

Grow Both Physically & Mentally

Mystery room and escape room games provide a lot of benefits. Rushing around the room, stretching out, up and down to grab the clue, and other activities work in unison to provide a nice small workout, helping you to exhaust any physical energy properly. In addition to the physical gains, you also get the added bonus of mentally growing your mind by exercising your cognitive processes and other important learning skills. If you have not had the chance to enjoy the experience, take the time and grow into a better you by honing the way you think.

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