How to Work in a Group to Beat Escape Room Games

How to Work in a Group to Beat Escape Room Games

When it comes to building strong friendships or even a smoothly running team of employees for that matter, it is hard to dismiss the amazing team-building skills of Toronto escape room games. The name of the game is to work together in order to figure out well-planned puzzles in a race against time to escape a themed room, whether it be an office, jungle, or any other type of setting. The overall goal is to escape, but what if there were actual benefits to playing escape room games. A majority of those benefits come in the form of acquired skills, techniques, and relationship building methods that can be used to create a tight-knit workgroup, friends forever, or any other like-glue group. What do teams need to do to escape the room in time?

Disbursement Leads to Quick Discovery

As soon as your group enters the room, it is wise to separate into either pairs or solo units in order to span the room and begin the clue finding process. The more eyes you have in different places, the better off your group has at finding hidden tips that can help solve puzzles to progress.

Turn the Room into Clear Sections and Conquer

It is at times best to split your groups and have certain members looking within specific areas. For example, if you drew a square and made four even boxes inside of the square, this represents the room and have group members look within certain areas to ensure concentrated focus. The goal is to get out and complete escape room games, not waste time on looking over one another’s shoulder. Divide and conquer!!!

Musical Corners Can Rejuvenate Escape Room Games

You’ve already broken in groups and divided the room into sections for groups to cover, so what’s left in order to figure out the escape room puzzle and beat the clock by solving the mystery room? When things start to get stagnant and the number of clues remaining start to wear thin, some may suggest alternating scan spaces in the room. This means that the group in area 1 will move to another area to begin a fresh search for clues, tips, hints or any trace of answers that can help solve the puzzle. Why is this essential you may ask? By having members rotate their search areas, you allow fresh eyes to look over something that someone else has already studied. Someone in a different group may see something another group missed. Extra eyes are good, but not all at once. Take turns and get the job done.

Collaborate Straight to Victory

The ultimate goal of escape room games is to get out and beat the clock while working as a team to uncover, answer and solve riddles, puzzles, and hidden objectives in an effort to build a synergetic team that can develop smooth cross-departmental collaboration. Listen to other group members and work as a whole to figure out how to escape. During this time, members of the group have the opportunity to see how their friends, family members, or co-workers act and react under certain situations. Grow a strong team that performs, produces, and works together, by helping them build team skills and learning to work as a group to win escape room games.

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