Tips for Managing Solved Puzzles in Escape Games

Tips for Managing Solved Puzzles in Escape Games

Escape games involve more than a just screaming, shouting, and finding your way out of well-planned escape rooms in Toronto. There are series of obstacles that rely on a multitude of cognitive abilities, both mental physical roadblocks that require the entire effort of the group to solve in order to successfully master escape games and get out of mystery rooms without wasting all of the time given to you. Take a look at these helpful tips that can aid in managing the solved puzzles you come across when playing escape games.

Unlock and Unlock Again: Don’t Think So

In the even that escape games include keys or other unlocking devices in their escape rooms, it is very unlikely you will revisit that key. Instead of keeping tabs on it, simply leave it in the lock, so it is apparent it has already served its purpose. This is a common way to confuse what keys have and have not been used already. Groups are usually quick to agree on this managing tip as it helps later on during the puzzle.

Clue Duty Should be Fun: Develop a Tracking System

Depending on the venue, theme, and room engineer, the complexity of some of these puzzles may require you to keep track of what obstacles have been conquered and which puzzles have been solved, allowing linking between certain clues if necessary. Who knows a new clue may require you to remember something from a previous clue or hint. Some groups dedicate a member to remember certain clues and facts about the puzzles for future recall. While not all escape games in Thornhill, Toronto or other regional locations are made the same and many may not require this step, but mystery room adventurist will seek more complex puzzle rooms to satisfy the thrill of solving puzzles and displaying congregative wit.

Reusing Clues: Highly Doubtful, Discard Me Please

This refers to the above tip and is more like a suggestion to help keep things in order. Forming a discard pile of collected or gathered clues and hints will help you from rehashing an already solved area or section. When your group as well as you are organized, escape games can not only be fun and challenging but can also help open new windows into alternate ways of thinking and processing day-to-day problems, issues and puzzles.

Swallow Your Pride and Take a Hint Loser

It is a well-known feeling that when someone asks for help on a task, project, or even to solve a puzzle, pride steps in and more times than not, prevents us from quickly reaching the same endpoint, if at all. Asking for a starting hint is not a blow to your pride and starting the puzzle off with the hint is way more effective than waiting until you literally have a handful of minutes to escape the room and solve the remaining few puzzles.

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