Top 5 Tips Used to Win Escape Room Games

Top 5 Tips Used to Win Escape Room Games

It is not a new fad that is just passing. Escape games have been consistently on the rise for years. They range from wild, crazy, and sometimes thrillingly dangerous to mild, complex, and repetitive. Each escape room has their own unique way out and obstacles to overcome. Whether it is as simple as an office room set up or a complex dungeon escape room, a lot of thought goes into creating these, and in turn, quite a bit goes into solving them too. Before heading into any escape room game, consider these 5 tips used to win escape room games, from a team-building point.

Tip 1: Don’t Spectate the Puzzle. Speculate It!

When progress is being made and your group seems to be sailing through the puzzles it is easy to stop thinking about solving the puzzle and watch discoveries unfold. This is fun and getting caught up in watching is going to happen, but being able to pull yourself out of spectator box and back into game is important. Besides, playing the game is way more fun than watching it. Put in work and contribute to the escape room before time runs out.

Tip 2: Break From the Crowd

Truth be told, it can become very hard to uncover clues, hints and find objects to complete the escape room if everyone is constantly huddled around, looking in the same area. Keep things moving and look in different areas to provide more value to the group and get out of the room.

Tip 3: Call For Fresh Eyes and Move On

If you catch yourself staring at puzzle piece, clue, riddle, or hint for too long and have not made much progress, switch positions with someone else and get a fresh pair of eyes to go over it. Sometimes enlisting a fellow group member to take over can help quickly solve puzzles by allowing new and unique approaches. It also ensures pieces, parts of the puzzle are not forgotten, and others are working to finish it.

Tip 4: Everyone has a Voice so Listen to Teammates

Escape room groups have a lot of fun vocally shouting out discoveries and ideas that could help lead the team to victory. Sometimes the best teams work better when they try everything. If teammates are shouting weird but workable suggestions, what is the harm in giving it a try? When there are clear obstacles in the way, always take time to ask the opinion of others. Work together to beat the clock.

Tip 5: If You’re Not Being Heard Then Get Loud

Sometimes things move fast in escape room games, and the commotion can be enough to block out a lot of sounds, including your desperate plea for help or righteous glee of discovery. If no one hears you, it is okay to get a little loud. Yelling may be the only way to say, “Hey! Look right here; there seems to be…” Do not let your voice be hushed. Let your thoughts be heard.
It is important to remember that escape room games are intended for fun, but emotions, frustrations, and other obstacles can cause you and others not to enjoy their time solving puzzles in a mystery room, so it is recommended to be mindful of those around you and respect them, the escape space, and the fun of the game. Play fun, fair, and frequent.

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