What Team-building Skills Are Gained By Playing Escape Games

What Team-building Skills Are Gained By Playing Escape Games

In case you haven’t heard, or you have been hiding behind closed doors, some of the most successful corporations allow some degree of play as a means to increase employee engagement and collaborative creativity. Top companies even go as far as to bring the playtime to work, offering creative in-house games like arcades, and table sports like ping pong. Some growing companies that are building new teams are looking to strengthen their existing teams sometimes venture outside the workplace and look for alternate team building activities such as escape games. In fact, if you have wanted to challenge your team and really put their skills to the test, Toronto Escape Games by Adventure Valley Escape Room, is here to do just that.

Escape games is a broad term that usually encapsulated escape room and mystery room style games that offer the perfect escape from stress caused by work or everyday life in general. Escape games also serve a number of benefits to help improve your workplace and your trusted team. Check out three amazingly beneficial team-building skills that can be gained by playing escape games.

1. Creativity in a Rocket: Blast Off!

Escape games provide an amazing opportunity for team members to really put their creative side out there and present valuable problem-solving skills. It also forces team members to pull their minds out of typical thinking and helps them view things in different ways. This benefit also trickles into other areas of our lives. This is a major reason, companies like Google use team-building activities to help break employees away from the normal and mundaneness of work and routine. This skill helps improve idea generation.

2. Chatty Kathy is More Fluid than You Think

Most work environments have some level of collaboration in place, but that does not always encourage fluid communication, but helping your team by offering a new concept of teamwork can promote great communication and collaborative idea creation efforts. Escape games are helpful and provide great team building skills, potentially igniting cross-departmental collaboration, synthesizing a fluid and smooth workflow.

3. Divided No More: A Team Tied Together

Like a wise man once said, “A team that undergoes struggles and fights together thrives and wins together.” Teams that collectively overcome obstacles as a group through team building activities like escape games can aid in building empathy. Sure, winning is important, but so is struggling and losing, especially as a group. Undergoing a series of events allow team members to show emotional behaviors not displayed at work, like compassion, appreciation, and responsiveness (CAR), considered to be a very important team-building exercise that can strengthen the core values and relationships of team members.

The Spy Room at Adventure Valle Escape Room is a highly detailed and fun escape room game that provides a perfect venue to help increase your team’s functionality and productivity in the workplace. Create, grow, and nurture a winning team by trying Toronto escape games to increase core team building skills.

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